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One of Battersea's Highest Rated Gyms

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Strength & Conditioning Zone

Get ready to lift.

Our fully kitted out area includes dumbbells up to 50kg, plate loaded leg press, hack squat, lifting platform and much more!

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Resistance Zone

Push. Pull. 

Our Freemotion resistance machines allow movements in multiple planes of motion to ensure that you're getting the best possible workout, enabling you to target the muscles you want.

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Functional Zone

Find what's best for you.

Whether it's a HIIT Class, Ab blast or functional training, our new Functional Zone has a plethora of uses.

Never used an Assault Bike or Ski Erg?

No time like the present.

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Combat Zone

Punch and Kick your way into shape.

The business end of the gym. Pick a bag and let loose. 

Or come along to one of our Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA or BJJ classes and learn something new.

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And Breathe.

Our beautiful studio hosts a range of classes to test your balance, flexibility and core. It's time to include them in your weekly fitness regime.


Cardiovascular Zone

Get Your Heart Pumping.

Everything you need to burn those calories or improve your aerobic fitness.


Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Wattbike, Studio Bike, Rower; pick your machine and go for it.

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