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Gabriele Pierotti


Body weight

Weight Loss

Diet Plan Advisor

Strength & Conditioning






Level 3 Personal Trainer




I’m Gabriele, a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer, with knowledge in body transformation,

HIIT training, Core stability. I train clients of all levels, in a safe, professional and welcoming environment.

The one-to-one coaching is ideal for those that need both motivation and the benefits of a professionally designed program that adapts to your continual progression.

Coaching in person means that I can consistently assess your physical needs and base each session around those changing needs, remaining safe whilst exceeding previous limits. This is especially important when weight training, which, please note, is an essential component to all transformation programs! Don’t presume otherwise.

For the initial session I will do detailed assessment, whereby I learn about your current fitness levels, medical history and most importantly your fitness goals, this helps me understand the motivation behind your goals to ensure that we can work together to achieve them!


I pride myself on building strong relationships with clients and I am always available for support and advice to ensure you never feel alone and stay motivated with your program.


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