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Georgie Gooch


Fat loss


Pre & Post Natal

Core Conditioning

Muscle Building & Strength Training


Nutritional advice & guidance 




L2 Fitness Instructor

L3 Personal Trainer

L3 Pre/Post Natal Trainer

BASI Pilates

T3 HIIT Coach & Circuit Instructor



I’ve always been into health and fitness which stemmed from being sporty at school and having a Mum as a Health Coach, but I really found my passion for it during the first lockdown where I didn’t just do it because I enjoyed it or for the physical benefits it gave me, but for the mental benefits it gave me too. 


After University, I went into a full-time job working for a nutritional supplement start-up which focused on the link between the Gut and the Brain. I then decided to follow my passion taking my Personal Training Qualification. From there I worked at Fresh Fitness Food, a personalised nutrition meal-prep company where I was Personal Training along the side.


My goal, and passion, is to help people become the best versions of themselves; become happier, more confident, healthier and stronger, both mentally and physically. I have the best relationships with my clients and with a tailored programme designed specifically to you and your goals, I’ll be your support throughout your whole journey. I’ll keep you motivated, get you the results you want, and, if you didn’t have a good relationship with it beforehand, I’ll help transform your relationship with exercise so it doesn’t become a ‘chore’, but instead something you can’t live without and a non-negotiable to your daily routine.


I strongly believe that ‘balance’ is key to any lasting results so I’ll also share my knowledge and give you the tools for you to ensure your journey is sustainable and making the little habits we make together part of your life.

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