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Jordan Deacon


Muscle Building/Hypertrophy

Strength & Conditioning

Fat Loss




BSc Sport & Exercise Science

Level 3 Personal Training



I am an ex army PTI who served for 10 years in the Armed Forces. For the past 4 years I have based myself in London where I have further developed my skills as a Personal Trainer.


I know what impact transforming yourself can have on your life. In the past I have struggled to gain muscle, lacked confidence and found it difficult to make any progress. I have been exactly where you currently are, and that’s why I am passionate in helping you get the results you want.


Through spending years working with clients, researching methods and completing a BSc Sport & Exercise Degree, I follow proven methods across all aspects of training and lifestyle. There isn’t any boring meal plans or demoralising restrictions, this is about getting you the best possible results and making them part of your life.


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