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Kristy Chilvers


Women only trainer

Healthy Habits building

Muscle building

Strength & Hypertrophy training

Nutrition Advice/ Guidance




Level 3 Pre/ Post Natal Trainer

Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance

GGS : Girls Gone Strong Womens Specizlized Coach



I became passionate about fitness through my own fitness journey and having a PT myself. I enjoyed and learnt so much from it that it lead me to want to help others in exactly the same way!

Whilst training with me you will learn that lifting weights doesn’t make you bulky and that exercise should never be seen a chore but a blessing. I’ll help you discover the type of exercise you actually like and will hold you accountable to stay consistent to it. Not only will you build a strong shapely body but you’ll build an even stronger mindset! 

“You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great”. 


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