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Lon Whittaker


  • Posture Correction 

  • Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation

  • Holistic Weight Management with Life Style Appraisal

  • Fat Loss/Body Sculpting

  • Strength and Sports Conditioning

  • Martial Arts & Self Defence

  • Jujitsu, Kempo, Kali Eskrima

  • Boxing/Thai Boxing  


My passion for self-improvement and pursuit of excellence in Martial Arts has led me to pursue a career as a Health Professional and in Personal Training. My previous professional engagements in the corporate and business sector has lead me to know exactly what is needed to balance a hard days work. I have also come to understand that the many benefits of physical exercise cannot be substituted in the way it helps bring about balance and alleviates other stresses of a personal nature.


I have been running my own Personal Training business for over 15 years working with a diversity of personalities and aspirations, with clients ages ranging from 5 to 95! I to feel privileged to have, and continue to witness many changes with my clients including ups, downs, goals achieved and transformations made during their time training with me. I truly believe that where there’s a will there’s a way.


I am always happy to discuss any apprehension or concerns you may have with regards to starting a personal training program whether that’s due to an injury, inactivity or just a lack of self confidence. I endeavour to encourage continuous feedback and an open dialogue with my clients, with the focus on having as much fun as physically possible while achieving results.