Want to improve your running? 
Look no further than England Athletics Coach Kerry Newell

It's easy to become frustrated with your progress and at times it can be hard to motivate yourself. To avoid hitting a performance plateau, it's important to understand what the key elements are to help you improve your running.


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During a 1 to 1 running session, Kerry will teach you these keep elements whilst identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Kerry will ensure that you get as much as possible out of the session which will be tailored around you, your current fitness levels and future running goals. We can get you started as a runner, or try some threshold, fartlek or hills - its up to you! 


These one to one sessions are ideal for runners looking for support for their running or returning to regular training.


By following one of our plans, you'll train smart, be more likely to remain healthy and enjoy your running.

To purchase the plan, click on the payment link. You'll then get a friendly email back to organise a chat with how we can put together your training plan.  Your plan can be adjusted at any point and Kerry will be available via email to help navigate your training.


Why Pay For A Plan?

There are so many generic plans out there on the internet, so why should you pay for one? Our training plans not only factor in your perceived ability but also your running history, lifestyle and running goals making it completely different from a generic plan you can pick up on the internet. With our plans, you are getting training advice that works. 



Up to a 10 week bespoke 5km Training Plan, designed to get you to the start line of your race, or to kick start your running habit if you have never run before!  Kerry can also write your plan to get yourself back into running again if you have lost your mojo!  This plan will help to keep you injury free. 



Up to a 12 week bespoke 10km Training Plan, designed to get you to the start line of your race, injury free and as fit as possible. 

By following one of our plans, you'll train smart, be more likely to remain healthy and enjoy your running.

half marathon


Up to 16 weeks bespoke Half Marathon Training Plan, this plan is for people who want to challenge themselves - if you have never run a half marathon before. Kerry can also write a plan for people who have experience of running half marathons but want to get quicker and need professional advice and support on this.  Again this plan will be designed specifically for you, to keep you injury free and fit as possible - training smart and enjoying your running.



Up to 20 weeks bespoke Marathon Training plan - ever wanted to run a marathon and don't know where to start? This is the plan for you.  Kerry will guide you through the best ways to run a first marathon and get you to the finish line with a smile on your face!  


However - If you have run marathons before, but need support on how to run smarter or faster - Kerry can equip you with the right training plan to suit your lifestyle and is on hand to guide you to a pb.


The ideal gift for runners that's perfect for any occasion. You can purchase a training plan as a Gift Certificate or why not buy them a one to one training session with Kerry Newell our England Athletics Coach. 


Click on the payment link below and you'll receive an email from Kerry to confirm your payment and details of what kind of voucher you would like - either a one to one training session or a training plan. She will then create and send your personalised gift voucher